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A California native, Michele is a massage practitioner, esthetician, health coach, yoga instructor and wellpreneur. Having personally experienced the power of healing in her own life and with over two decades of professional experience in the wellness industry, Michele is well rounded and experienced to assist you on your own journey to balance, wellness and vitality. It is her wish that your health in body, mind and spirit be sound and your happiness in a healthier life complete. We all possess the power to heal ourselves, we just need the right tools and environment. Together we can heal. Together we can raise the vibration of the planet.

Sally has more than 25 years of training and practice in Yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, mind empowerment, nutritional therapy and holistic health. She is friendly and intuitive, and is passionate about helping others create good health and wellness. Since 1999 she has led Yoga and Holistic Health Retreats all over the world and has worked with many different nationalities. Sally teaches dynamic HIIT Yoga Flow classes – you can join in person or on-line. She is also available for Nutritional Therapy – a blend of the vital elements of Eastern and Western food science and practices giving you an understanding of the relationship between food and healing., and the various therapeutic properties of foods. As a Hypno Coach she can help you unlock your mind power to overcome anxiety, trauma, negative conditioning, phobias, addictions and limiting beliefs. sallyellahorn.com

Born in San Jose, Alejandro’s family roots are Guanacasteco. As he was growing up in the concrete jungle he began to feel the call of Mother Earth and his ancestral homelands of the Bagaci clan. Alejandro began his return from the modern ways of the city back to the more indigenous ways of connection with the sacred mystery. He started to fast and spend more time with nature, asking Pachamama for guidance. Soon he began to learn with the First Nations how to relate to our surroundings and love Mother Earth. For more than ten years he has followed the path, learning every day how to walk with beauty and grace. Alejandro works with the medicine of Cacao, sweat lodges, sound healing and energetical balances for groups and individuals.

Ridley was trained in Latin Dance in Montreal, Canada and has been teaching Zumba/Cardio Latino classes and salsa, bachata, merengue and more since 1999. He is passionate and dedicated to providing his students with a high energy, unique and fun workout that will get your body moving and your blood pumping. Ridley teaches public Zumba/Cardio Latino classes and is also available for private instruction in Latin Dance.

A wife of 15 years, a loving mother of two children,  an Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach, and a Karma Kids certified children’s yoga teacher. As both a former social worker and a corporate office worker turned new mom, Patricia is happy to have found a fulfilling career that utilizes her Psychology degree by guiding others on their health journey as well as leading a harmonious lifestyle that prioritizes her health, values, and precious time with her family that includes my 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter.

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