Sure, we’ve all heard of cacao, haven’t we? It’s the main ingredient in all things wonderful that contain chocolate. But what is a cacao ceremony? Known as Theobroma cacao in latin, this evergreen tree is native to the deep tropical regions of Central and South America. Yep, that means Costa Rica, making this the perfect place to experience this traditional means of plant medicine healing. Indigenous cultures worshiped the cacao so highly, the seeds were often used as currency. The use of the plant as medicine goes back to the ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures. In addition to being packed with anti-oxidants, loads of minerals and many other feel good brain chemicals, when used in ceremonial doses, cacao can be a powerful emotional healer acting as a catalyst to open and heal the heart. Ceremonial cacao is typically drunk as a hot, rich, bitter brew. Traditionally in indigenous cultures, the ceremonial cacao is prepared by the women in the community. In our case, Alejandro’s wife beautifully prepared our raw cacao with a bit of cacao butter. 

Loaded with magnesium, seratonin, PEA, anandamide and theobromine, cacao relaxes muscles and eases tension promoting the feelings of comfort, contentment, happiness, relaxation, and well-being. Ceremonial cacao mimics the same chemical response we experience when we fall in love. Mmmm, “seretonin, the love chemical”. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Cacao ceremonies have, for thousands of years, assisted us in healing, and can even change our perspective of reality here on earth. In a cacao ceremony, cacao is honored as a sacred medicine for helping us access our heart-based emotions – such as compassion, forgiveness, and love.  With compassionate and supportive leadership, creating a safe place for people to come together and be supported through a healing journey, attendees can utilize the heart-relaxing potential of cacao.  We can begin to open our hearts to safely move through those places that perhaps there have been repressed emotions, stuck pain, and energetic constrictions. As the emotions and energies of fear, sadness, grief, unforgiveness, and emotional pain are allowed to be recognized and released, this allows the heart to open more to the energies of love, compassion, joy, reverence, and gratitude.

Ceremonies are often accompanied by live music, guided meditation, energy clearing, anointing of essential oils, chakra activation and emotional support. After we ceremoniously drank our cacao from our coconut shell cups, we made ourselves comfortable on our mats. This is when the magic began. Alejandro began our sound journey. With drums, flutes, rattles and chanting we were transported into the depths of our souls.

Cacao ceremonies are a safe container for attendees to open their hearts, express and release emotions, connect to their spiritual center and with the energy of Source. As well as access the higher states of human compassion, gratitude, joy, unconditional love, and bliss. 

I’ll tell you, after attending my first ceremony last month, I was literally buzzing for days. Maybe it was the high dose of cacao I poured into my little body. I did feel a bit jittery the evening after the ceremony. Or maybe it was all those love and bliss chemicals surging through my system. But the anxiety that I have been carrying around like a little monkey on my back for months literally just vanished the next day. Boy was I glad to see that guy go! The feeling of bliss and peace I was carrying around with me for days was euphoric.  I truly feel that this is our way of helping raise the vibration of life on Earth. It is our way of helping humanity heal their broken hearts, and return to a state of bliss – one Ceremony at a time. 

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