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  • March 21-28th |2020, Holistic Yoga & Wellness Retreat
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Clearing Space Workshop Dec 2019 with Pia Georgsson Dec 10th 11am-2pm $30 | 6 people minimum

What if your lifestory to this day is written in your tissues? Every heartache, every laughter, every sorrow and every single happy moment? There are a lot of science out there today that implies that this most definitely could be the case. This 3 hour workshop takes you through a journey of discovering different simple tools with the intention to release and harmonize distorted energy nestled within body and mind. Through breath work, meditation, journaling, yin and somatic practices, we might come across places within our body and mind that tell us about neglect, tension and even in some cases emotional pain. In our exploration we also might come across areas where we acknowledge lightness, ease and joy for no reason! To gently and with awareness step into these areas can cultivate a healing experience on different levels of our being. An experience that also most likely writes a new story in our tissues. Please bring pen and paper for journaling.

Pia has been teaching integrated body movement practices for the last few years. Even though her path
of study and teaching stems from traditional Hatha yoga, she today truly appreciates the qualities that different types of yoga and body movement practices can create when mindfully woven together. Due to her own experiences in life Pia naturally became interested in learning from different teachers with their different approaches to yoga and body movement. Through the years
she has studied with teachers that emphasize the connection of fascia and pain, emotions and energy distortion, to name a few. Somatics and Yin are some of the areas that inspires Pia, as well as Martial Arts. Her teachings are influenced by traditional Chinese medicine as well as western neuroscience, anatomy and bio mechanics. Pia is currently a Master student of Psychology and she is specifically drawn to the aspects of yoga and somatic bodywork in rehabilitation regarding trauma, as well as the negative effects of stress in modern life societies. Pia also greatly emphasize the healing impact that the elements of nature has on human beings, and to her nature have always been a sacred place to restore and connect with Spirit . To get to know more about Pia and her teaching, please visit

Raise Your Vibration Retreat 2019

Raise Your Vibration Retreat, Costa Rica 2019

December 7-14th | 2019

Join us for this profoundly healing and transformational retreat!

Michele Moore
Pia Georgsson

In an effort to end 2019 right and usher in new, higher vibrations for 2020, this retreat invites you to unplug from your responsibilities, from your electronics and recall what is really important to you.

Get ready to step in to 2020 poised to make the changes you desire to live your best life as we ditch those old habits and thoughts that hold us back and begin creating new, healthy habits to carry us into the New Year. We will take a holistic approach and focus on the mind, body and soul as we move, laugh, adventure, play and connect in paradise.

We have designed your retreat to best utilize the natural environment of Playa Sámara, to assist you to find your most energized yet relaxed self. Commit to nourishing your body with high vibrational local, whole and organic foods. Deepen or begin your yoga and mindfulness practices. Embody rituals to support your wellness wishes. Connect with nature, the lush landscape will inspire you with it’s sacred beauty. Meet other spiritual seekers. Enjoy healing massage and bodywork as well as ample time for introspection so you can reset, re-calibrate, rejuvenate and explore Playa Sámara.

Come join us on the sunny beaches of Costa Rica where the jungle meets the sea. Tune into a higher frequency and align yourself with the energy of your soul. Make 2020 the year you raise your vibration to create a magnificent life you love.

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