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A San Francisco Bay Area native, Michele spent her childhood outdoors exploring the beaches and mountains of Northern California. After graduating from The University of California at Santa Barbara with a BA in Environmental Science, Michele’s love of nature, fresh air and snowboarding lead her to the mountains of Colorado where she called home for 15 years. It was here in Vail, that she was trained in massage and esthetics. And in 2004, Michele found herself exploring Sámara and a seed was planted. Michele’s dream was to create a sacred healing space for herself and the community. Michele eventually transitioned to a full time “Pura Vida” lifestyle in 2013 when she founded Alma Tranquila. She has been sharing her two decades of experience in health, wellness and healing with her clients here in Sámara ever since. Michele is forever expanding her knowledge and is also a Certified IIN Health Coach and has most recently spent time in India where she received her 200 hr Holistic Yoga Teacher Certification.

Michele has personally experienced the power of healing in her own life and is well qualified to guide you on your own wellness journey. It is her wish that your health in body, mind and spirit be sound and your happiness in a healthier life complete. We all possess the power to heal ourselves, we just need the right tools and environment. Together we can heal. Together we can raise the vibration of the planet.

Kelly has been practicing yoga for 10 years and she has learned presence, patience, how to breath, to listen to her body, self-love and much more. The birth of her two daughters inspired her to share her yoga practice with children of all ages in her community. After receiving her certification from ChildLight Yoga she has enjoyed teaching Kids Yoga in classrooms in her hometown in the United States and while living in Samara, Costa Rica. She is dedicated to helping kids become more conscious through connection to breath in movement and in stillness and to having fun along the way.

Jen’s journey with yoga and integrative healing modalities began at age 13 when she was dropped off at her first yoga class. She has now been a yoga teacher for 12 years and has over 15 years experience as a massage therapist. She is also a CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Ayurvedic Medicine Consultant, and Personal Fitness Trainer. Jen has used yoga and integrative medicine in her own life to grow, play, heal from serious illness, injuries and trauma, and to stay centered in her heart. Now she strives to help others do the same. Jen moved from New Hampshire to Costa Rica in 2012 to live barefoot, surf and travel and now has a beautiful family. She believes you can heal from anything and in healing ourselves we help heal the planet. Come heal, play, laugh, cry and enter the heart of profound relaxation with Jen.

Born in San Jose, Alejandro’s family roots are Guanacasteco. As he was growing up in the concrete jungle he began to feel the call of Mother Earth and his ancestral homelands of the Bagaci clan. Alejandro began his return from the modern ways of the city back to the more indigenous ways of connection with the sacred mystery. He started to fast and spend more time with nature, asking Pachamama for guidance. Soon he began to learn with the First Nations how to relate to our surroundings and love Mother Earth. For more than ten years he has followed the path, learning every day how to walk with beauty and grace. Alejandro works with the medicine of Cacao, sweat lodges, sound healing and energetical balances for groups and individuals.

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